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We start off by determining your position and creating a SWOT analysis then we work on suitable export strategies. We carry out a pre-market check and jointly  create the necessary in-house requirements for successful exportation.

We determine suitable foreign markets and, based on our local contacts and long-standing experience, find suitable agents. We help finalising the contracts and organise the training, support and care of your prospective sales partners.

Following the market launch we carry out the marketing, we design your internet presence to match that country and organise your participation in trade fairs in the respective target countries. Furthermore we offer on-site performance reviews on a regular basis.

After successfully entering the new market we see to further expansion and increase in sales and, above all, in your profits. In order to do so we assist, for example, in implementing portfolios for the countries in question, establishing sales offices or subsidiaries.

Have you ever thought of possible procurement or production abroad? Talk to us – we know the ropes. Are you looking for partners or investors who are as convinced of the success of your business as you are? We support you with the best contacts in the relevant regions.

Export – Globalisation means opportunities

Minimise risks in export by:

1. Preparing for future export business

  • Determining your position and SWOT analysis
  • Determining and creating the necessary in-house requirements
  • Setting up an export strategy
  • Pre-market checks
  • Looking for and hiring appropriate export staff

2. Initiating the exports (market launch)

  • Determining suitable export markets
  • Looking for and choosing appropriate sales agents (e.g. importers, distributors, sales agents)
  • Negotiating and concluding the contracts
  • Setting up a training concept for the agents

3. Market cultivation

  • Project management and accompanying consultancy
  • Marketing measures and performance reviews
  • Participating in trade fairs in the countries where your export markets are or will be
  • Designing and promoting an internet presence tailored to specific countries


4. Intensifying and expanding

  • Introducing country portfolios
  • Establishing distribution control
  • Setting up sales offices or subsidiaries in the export markets