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For German and European enterprises it has never been more important to export to foreign markets.

“Globalisation has not only created a world market for goods and capital but also a world market for ideas.” Roman Herzog, former German President

More than ever exports are the motor of the German economy. To participate in international trade has often been a mere wish for SME. But today it has become almost indispensable. The choice is either participate in the ever increasing business or be left behind.

The biggest challenges are not the differences in the individual export markets but the manifold opportunities they offer. Therefore it is particularly important for the entrepreneur to set priorities. Decisions “from the gut” without well-founded knowledge of the export markets could well lead to expensive failures.

Why is it particularly indispensable for SME to work on their exports?

  • More than 95% of all enterprises are SME
  • More than 65% of all employees work in SME
  • roughly 90% of all apprentices and trainees work and train in SME
  • More than 50% of the national income is generated by SME

This overall economic importance can only be secured by increasing exports and spreading the risks connected therewith.

Become a winner of globalisation with our assistance.